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Why we need publishers

I was going to craft ‘the iPad post’ but thankfully told my urge to go stand in a timeout corner for two weeks. As it turns out, it’s not about what the iPad is/is not, but how Apple’s entry into the e-reader market is changing the industry. The buzz quickly focused on the Amazon/Macmillan dustup and the general notion that writers do not need evil corporations to publish our work. No longer will writers like John Kennedy Toole die in obscurity, with their genius posthumously (tragically!) recognized decades later.

Which is bullshit. I was going to write a screed on why we won’t be insta-publishing our masterpieces, but Cat Valente has already written a wonderful post on why traditional publishing is not dead.

My post on annoying self-promotion via twitter is still in the timeout corner; I can’t seem to strike the right balance without sounding whiny on one hand or preaching to the choir on the other. Besides, every other sentence contains the phrase ‘social media douchebag,’ which is not a good thing.